Sunday, September 28, 2008

Big-Budget, Futuristic Anime Series Is on Its Way to the Web

By Jenna Wortham EmailSeptember 25, 2008 | 6:45:41 PMCategories: Art, Sci-Fi, Video, Viral, Web/Tech

Enforcer2Is anime the next frontier for web serials?

Media company RDF, known for its work on cable reality shows like The Two Coreys and Wife Swap, is branching out into Japanese-style animation for its next project.

Details are scarce, as negotiations with several voice actors are still under way, but our sources at RDF tell us the series has already been optioned for a comic book, to be produced by indie comic retailer BloodFire Studios.

The show, a dystopian thriller, takes place several decades in the future in a downtown Los Angeles populated by cyborgs (pictures embedded).

The back story and characters were created by Max Benator, head of digital media at RDF USA.

The as-yet-untitled series is rumored to have a budget in the high seven figures, with a release date tentatively set for 2009.

It's a great time to get into the animated webisode business: It's a relatively untapped market with a hungry audience. Seth MacFarlane's Calvacade of Cartoon Comedy took online video by storm when it launched in early September, with several shorts nabbing coveted top spots on YouTube and raking in millions of pageviews.

Check out the hazed-out, Blade Runner-esque Los Angeles cityscape of RDF's upcoming series after the jump.


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