Monday, November 3, 2008

Anime Review - Tokko

Review of an anime called Tokko.


Morgan De Sena

Issue date: 10/31/08 Section: Opinion
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Life has been a little tough for Shindou Ranmaru. He lost his parents in a mysterious mass murder of the residents in his hometown. Now, he has recurring strange dreams of a half-naked sword-wielding girl, covered in blood, surrounded by the dead bodies of strange-zombie like creatures slaughtered by her blade. On the bright side, he also just graduated from the police academy, and has been assigned to Tokki - the Special Mobile Investigation Force. He chose to join this police force so he could help solve the mystery behind his parents' murder, as well as to avenge their death. Of course, things cannot stay normal for long. While at work, he sees the girl from his dreams, also working as a police officer. Not long after, strange trans-dimensional zombie-like creatures start appearing, and needless to say, they aren't too friendly. Let the bloody adventure begin.
"Tokko" is obviously an anime of the horror genre. They story of "Tokko" is relatively simple and straightforward - boy loses parents in crazy mass murder, boy grows up and vows to avenge his parents death, boy learns that the mass murder is actually the result of some crazy zombie-creature attack, boy realizes he's more connected to the incident than he could have ever imagined. Though simple, the story is also very interesting and doesn't take much effort to follow. The artwork is pretty good, but is not the best around. The action sequences are very well animated, but other scenes can be awkwardly animated. The music is decent as well and sets the horror atmosphere of the show. Overall, "Tokko" is a good show for anyone looking for a nice, gory horror movie with a pretty good plot to compliment the blood and guts.
The Stevens Anime Club will be showing "Tokko" on Friday, October 31st for their annual Halloween Marathon at 9 p.m. in B118.

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