Saturday, June 13, 2009

Contact Lenses that make you look like an Anime Character


anime eyes contact lenses make you look like an anime character

So if you’re one of these guys (or girls, don’t want to leave anyone out) who’s into anime and you wish your significant other looked like your favorite character, your dreams may have come true.

A Korean company makes these GEO Lens contact lenses that are bigger than normal contacts and colored in a way that makes the iris and pupil of your eye look a lot bigger. The lenses come in several different styles and colors, even ones with wild patterns and bright colors that you’d wear at haloween, or if you just want people to look at you really strange.

Since I’m not an anime otaku by any stretch of the imagination, I’ve never really devoted much time to looking at cartoon characters, but the girl in the picture above wearing the GEO Lens contacts is damn cute.

[Shopping Times via TheFrisky]

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