Friday, March 19, 2010

How to Draw Anime Eyes - 1


How to Draw Anime EyesWhat to do, when you plan to draw a cartoon character and you are stuck with the eyes, how do you proceed with your drawing? Let’s discuss how you can draw anime eyes with perfection and ease.

Eyes are the most distinctive features while drawing an anime. As such, eyes are to be delicately drawn keeping in mind its critical shape in the face. Eyes also carry the emotions well and in case of an anime, it is more so.

Eyes in real have a particular shape, that is an almond shape that may vary from person to person but the basic structure remains the same. The eye can be divided in to various parts to make the drawing easier. The eye has an upper lid and a lower lid. There are eye lashes on both the lids. The eye lines define the circular eye pupil that is circular.

Though drawing anime eyes are not that easy, as they can prove tricky and creative at the same time. For drawing anime eyes, you would require to get some sharp pencils, erasers, rulers and color pens and glitters.

Here are a few simple steps that would guide you through your process of drawing anime eyes.

1. You can choose which part you are comfortable in drawing, but it always helps to draw the top lashes first. Remember that theHow to Draw Anime Eyes lashes are a bit curved on the top and they are longer in the middle and become shorter towards the ends. Also remember that the female anime characters have thicker eye lashes while male characters do not have prominent or thicker eyelashes.

2. Not necessarily that the eye has to be completely almond shaped. Note an anime eye carefully, the end towards the nose is little wider than the other side. You can start drawing the upper lid with the lashes slightly bent upwards.

3. You need to draw out the pupils, which is of circular shape. But, note that the upper and lower parts of the circle are hidden under the upper and lower lid. So, the pupil you draw must look fitting well to the upper eye lid. There is a smaller circle inside the pupil that you need to darken with your pencil.

4. The next step is to define the lower eye lid that can be done with a simple line that touches the pupil exactly the same manner, the top eyelid does. For the eye lashes on the lower eye lid, you may or may not put eye lashes as the lower eye lid doesn’t have much eyelashes in real.

5. Finally, if you want to add emotions to the eyes you draw; you can check out a few anime characters and try out by trying to give different shapes to the eye.

Tips: you can ad some glitter to the eye lashes to make it more colorful and try different color strokes on the pupil to give unique identity to anime’s eyes.

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thanks it helped alot and using the picture i drew an eye and it looked like i was a anime expert thanks ! :)