Friday, March 19, 2010

How to Draw Anime Eyes - 2


How to Draw Anime EyesIf you ask someone, which is the part in the face that they are attracted to the most, maximum number of people would reply that it’s the eyes. So, when it happens to be the most attractive feature in the face, once needs to draw it with extra care. Learning to draw usually starts with the face yet, it happens to be the most difficult of all. Drawing different types, shapes, expressions of the eyes needs a lot of practice but when it comes to draw the eyes of an anime character, you can do it by practicing a number of times.

Children love to draw anime characters for their rooms and even love to do picture stories with them for their school project. So, if you feel you are at a dead end with drawing anime eyes, then this tutorial is going to give you much help in drawing a pretty attractive pair of eyes. Remember that the eyes are the most critical shape on the face and needs to be drawn with soft hands. First of all you can practice with straight looking simple eyes rather than complicated expressions.

The eyes most commonly have the almond shape. It can vary but most anime characters would have similar eyes. It would change only with gender. While a female anime eye would have more and longer lashes, a male anime character would have less and shorter eye lashes. Even shape wise the female eyes need to be more delicate and sharp than the male anime eyes. First of all, get yourself some drawing materials like pencils, erasers, sharpeners, drawing papers etc. Also if you can get an image of the anime character that you like, you can try making the similar looking eyes. It would be easy for reference and you can practice till you get the perfect shapes.

Steps to draw anime eyes:

  1. How to Draw Anime EyesLook at the image of the eyes you are going to draw. Keep the shape in you mind. Try to learn how the curves are done. Notice the peculiarities and specific features of the anime eye.
  2. Now distinguish the various parts and see which part you can draw properly. Because the shape of the eye is critical than any other part of the face in an anime figure, make sure you choose a simple structure to draw if you are doing it for the first time.
  3. Anime eyes are different from human eyes hence they be bigger for or face or like animal eyes and need not have the perfect shape.
  4. Draw a curvy line upward down to make the upper lid and then join it with the similar line for making the space for lashes. This space between the two lines is very less and is wider towards the end.
  5. Now draw the lower lid and join both ends. The middle section between the upper and lower lid is the widest and narrows down towards both ends.
  6. Now draw the eye lashes with pencil strokes. The upper eyelashes are usually marked upwards while the lower lashes are done with less outward but straight strokes.
  7. Now draw the pupils connecting the upper and lower lid in a circular manner.
  8. Draw the inner circle of the pupil inside the bigger circle and fill it to a darker color than the rest of the eye.

If you want to make different shapes and expressions, you can practice a with simple images and then go about drawing complex anime eyes.

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